My sculpture work celebrates my long and personal exploration of the unique intrinsic qualities of wood and what I see as my responsibility to perpetuate the soul and essence of a fallen tree as it becomes timber.

Only naturally fallen, native trees are used.  I preserve the characteristics of the wood with an economy of form and honest making process which instinctively conforms to the material. I use only essential hand tools for a raw and immediate result which preserves the commanding presence that the trees once were.

The finished surface is dictated by the wood itself, a voice central to my sculpture.

About Andrew

Andrew Pearson is a celebrated wood sculptor and master carver. 
He has worked on projects for Grade 1 listed properties throughout the UK and was involved in the restoration of Windsor Castle.
His work has been featured in local and national media. 

Andrew’s unique works are driven by his personal inspiration; he creates individual and distinctive pieces which look equally impressive in indoor or outdoor settings.

When working on commissions Andrew works closely with his clients to create bespoke works of any scale.

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