Misericords, or ‘mercy-seats’, were first made in medieval times to help support priests while standing during long services, they have intricately carved undersides and were a masterwork of their time. Andrew was commissioned to follow the form of the mediaeval ‘mercy seat’ but with a satirical twist. 

Using traditional tools and techniques, yet achieving exceptional precision and detail, Andrew worked with ancient oak to create these unique misericords which are not only masterpieces in their own right but honour and enhance the rich history of these historic churches.

Ludlow, St Laurence’s Church

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The first misericord to be carved and installed in this Grade I Listed Church on the Welsh Boarders in the last 500 years.

Leintwardine, St Mary Magdalene Church

Music Misericord celebrating the long history and importance of music in the Church; including classical recitals, jazz, folk music and the robed choir.

Leintwardine, St Mary Magdalene Church

Celebrating the life of Flossie Lane; redoubtable landlady of the village parlour pub.

Leintwardine, St Mary Magdalene Church

Celebrating the life of Marcus Thompson-McCausland; priest, car-mechanic, cyclist and cider-maker.

Leintwardine, St Mary Magdalene Church

Features Douglas Griffiths; master butcher, of Leintwardine who was also a keen cricketer.

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