Lime Hoop

Trees often naturally thicken or buttress their trunks on one side to build strength against forces such as the prevailing wind and changes in weight distribution, perhaps if the tree loses a branch. This piece shows a curious cross-section of trunk which I wanted to celebrate from a local fallen lime and is a stunning garden piece.

Black Line Through Oak

Made from oak offcuts from a timber framed house build, this piece uses the different thickness of the timber to create shadows which are heightened by the fantastic finish straight from the chainsaw. The black line acts as counterpoint to these shadows but moves with the same rhythm.

Lime Diptych

Made from the same lime tree as ‘Lime Hoop’ this ‘book-matched’ slab recalls religious painted panel diptychs in a playful way that celebrates the way the tree has grown.  The piece would be equally at home wall mounted or as a free standing sculpture outside.

After The Fire

Made from a chance find: a fabulously aged and distressed oak floorboard, quarter-sawn and of impressive width, which was involved in a fire at some point. I divided the board into four panels, or so it would appear, but made certain to not destroy the fantastic surface patina that has developed over a couple of hundred years.

Boxed Maple

This local tree was used for another maquette to see how joining slabs of timber worked in terms of mood and presence, but also to discover how I felt about joining sections of timber as opposed to carving a single piece. I like the play of shadows in the spaces in between the boxes.

Oak with Bobbing Tongue

A simple piece of construction, essentially a maquette, as I experimented with a new language and what I wanted the wood to do. It is my intention to create further constructions of a similar nature but on a larger scale.

Twisted Cherry or ‘Does my Bum look Big in This?’

From a local cherry that was growing tenaciously hard against a stone wall but its sheer determination to survive and thrive saw it reach a reasonable age. The tree was so dynamic in its movement, I wanted to keep that.

Hollow Oak

An ancient and majestic local oak shed a few branches recently and the rot in the heartwood revealed why. I love timber that contains defects and characteristics that might be considered troublesome to the furniture-maker, for example, but are fascinating when one is not asking the wood to ‘perform’ or do anything other than simply let us enjoy it.

Laurel Circle

Inspired broadly by my fascination with stone circles and megalithic sites, but I was also keen that, individually, each of the nine monoliths might look as though they have grown like a tree, with all the twisting and bending one might expect.  This piece is equally at home inside or outside, being laurel it will weather well and confidently withstand the elements.


Sculpture  Prices

Black Line Through Oak – £680

Lime Diptych – £650

After The Fire – £325 SOLD

Boxed Maple – £350

Oak with Bobbing Tongue – £280

Twisted Cherry – £860 SOLD

Hollow Oak  – £325

Laurel Circle – £890 SOLD

Lime Hoop  – £620 SOLD

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