All bowls are fully functional; they can be wiped down or gently washed.  They are crafted with a strong sense of both practical design and aesthetic presence.


Oak Bowl

A beautiful piece of burr Oak was used to make this “lozenge” bowl.  A burr is the bulbous growth that is sometimes seen bulging out of the side of certain trees like oak and elm.  The burr is a defect, a cankered part of the tree, but can reveal some fabulous grain figure rather likes cat’s paws or bird’s eyes.

A Trio of Redwood Plates

Made from pine local to Ludlow, these shallow platters are turned on a lathe but left with square edges.

The Last Supper Bowls

Crafted from aged lime wood fallen in the grounds of Wigmore church in Herefordshire. I had the idea that a series of carved square bowls could represent the men who shared Christ’s Last Supper.  I called them The Last Supper Bowls and recalled the painting by Leonardo da Vinci in which the disciples are sitting at a long table with Christ at the centre. I felt that the immediacy of the carving, the rawness of the bowls, might reflect the nature of the twelve disciples.  Each bowl has it’s own “character” but a little magic happens when they are together.

Two Willow Bowls

Made from a single butt of willow, these ‘sister’ bowls would have begun life face to face. I rescued this piece from the wood pile and cut the log down the middle before shaping with an axe.


Bowl Prices

The Last Supper Bowls – £2,100 for the set of twelve.  £195 each.

Oak Bowl – £320 SOLD

Two Willow Bowls – £350 for the pair.  £180 each.

Trio of Redwood Plates – £160 for the set. £60 each.

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